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January 12, 2024



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Debut LP from bass and synth heavy LA noise punk band. Limited edition first pressing on gold and forest green vinyl.


1. John Hockey

2. Shut Up I'm Shopping

3. Murder Rich

4. Anti Crusoe

5. Firepower

6. Dead Snakes

7. Healing An Eyesore

8. Schloss Loss

9. Bending The Branch

10. Fury On The Island

release notes

"This song [Murder Rich] is fast garage punk with a classic rock punch, and it’s addictively upbeat and danceably dire at the same time." - Cvlt Nation
"...the results command a listen. Reid’s vitriolic vocals may give Normans their edge but it’s Rudes who locks in the groove." - Off Shelf

In 2021, in the lingering haze of the global pandemic and several nautical miles off the coast of Los Angeles in a broken down boat, Southern California natives and stalwarts of the local DIY music scene Matthew Reid (Blonde Summer) and Michael Perry Rudes (FEELS) decided it was time to embark on a new musical odyssey together; one that championed fearlessness, rawness, and above all, freedom. 

Earlier during the pandemic the duo had built a home studio with initial plans to make a conceptual exotica record. Before long their songwriting took a heavier and more energetic turn. Between 2021 and 2022 they wrote and recorded a lot of material. In early 2023, with the addition of Kyle Souza (Prissy Whip) on guitar, the band reworked and re-recorded material to accommodate Kyle’s distinct guitar sound. Since NORMANS was born from a home studio environment it seemed fitting for the band to record and mix and record themselves. In early 2023 they did just that.

release credits


Matthew Reid - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Kyle Souza - Guitar
Michael Perry Rudes - Drums
Collin Fish - Guitar, Synths

Recorded & Mixed by Matthew Reid
Mastered by Tom Waltz
Artwork by Matthew Reid

© & ℗ NORMANS, 2023
Under Exclusive License to Solid Brass Records
© Solid Brass Records

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