Los Angeles, CA

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NORMANS was born on the dirty streets of LA and baptized in the punk rich waters of Hermosa Beach; the city that gave us Black Flag, Redd Kross, Minutemen and more. Years of exposure and participation in the myriad of genres and sounds that make up the vibrant music scene resulted in a multi-genre-bending, bass and synth fueled cacophony that pays homage to the ghosts of The Jesus Lizard, Suicide, Butthole Surfers, METZ and The Birthday Party.

The band stitches together elements of surf, post punk, noise rock, and Wax Trax! Records era electro-industrial music for a sound that is simultaneously urgent, angry, and disturbingly danceable. Oozing with satire and shrouded in bizarre visual art and imagery, bassist and vocalist Matthew Reid who is also a painter and visual designer, explores issues of violence, drug use, and the terrified animal caged within us all.

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upcoming shows

May 20, 2024
Los Angeles
Genghis Cohen (with Facet and Guck)
May 23, 2024
San Francisco
SF Eagle Bar (with The Tunnel and Fog Lamp)
May 12, 2024
Los Angeles
Permanent Records (Eastside Fux Mini Fest)
June 12, 2024
Los Angeles
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