Pleasure Forever

Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles

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In the late 90s, after the break up of legendary synth-punk band The VSS, 3 members regrouped in San Francisco and would eventually become Pleasure Forever. They dialed back some of the aggression of The VSS and leaned into what became their signature occult-dripping, psych-synth, cabaret darkwave sound and aesthetic.

In the Summer of 1998 they released a self-titled, four song debut 12" EP and quickly followed up with another 6 song 12" entitled The Devil's Pleasures in 1999. Both EPs were later released on CD by Troubleman Unlimited with the addition of a hidden, previously unreleased track called "Penumbra-Hadabra". In 2000/2001 the trio joined Sub Pop Records and released a self-titled LP in 2001 and Alter in 2003 before disbanding and moving on to pursue other musical endeavors.

In the two decades since Alter, Pleasure Forever released a collection of B-sides and cover songs entitled, Bodies Need Rest in 2007, Rothbard has released multiple solo albums under his full name Andrew Douglas Rothbard, Clifford played drums in instrumental post-metal band Red Sparowes, as well as Marriages, Jail Weddings, and more, and Hughes sang and played guitar in Relapse Records sludge metal trio Rabbits.

On 5/5/23, on the 20th anniversary of the release of Alter—catalog number Sub Pop #666, no less—the band announced their partnership with Solid Brass Records and hinted at more to come.

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